ISTE Classroom Observation Tool

Classroom Observation Tool

The ISTE Classroom Observation Tool (ICOT®) is a FREE online tool that provides a set of questions to guide classroom observations of a number of key components of technology integration.

  • TEACHERS can use ICOT to learn from colleagues.
  • ADMINISTRATORS can use the tool to document the effective use of technology in their schools.
  • RESEARCHERS and evaluators can collect observations to study school programs or curriculum interventions.
  • Registered USERS can:
    • store your ICOT data in a secure account on our server.
    • store multiple observations and combine them in various ways (program, site, observer, classroom, etc.) in order to generate reports.
    • request a variety of analytical reports based on your observations and your data can be downloaded into other programs for statistical analysis and for creating tables and graphs.
    • learn to use the observation tool and to request reports by viewing videos and a users manual that can be downloaded in pdf format.

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  • Note: Some school district spam filters, in particular Barracuda’s “Reputation” product, may screen out automated registration messages from the ICOT server. ICOT registrants may request that district IT staff add to a list of safe addresses. ISTE will attempt to identify and forward legitimate ICOT communications that are bounced by spam filters. ICOT Education Tool is proudly powered by WordPress.
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