Is ICOT Free?

  • Yes, ICOT is a free educational resource sponsored in part with support from the Hewlett-Packard Company.

Do I need to be an ISTE Member in order to use the tool?

  • No – ICOT is a free resource for the worldwide educational community.

Do I need to login to the ISTE website to use ICOT?

  • No – ICOT will have a separate login page.

Can I share observations?

  • You can share reports; however, the only way to share observations is to allow another educator access to your account, which we discourage. 

When do I need to use the ICOT Website?

  • You only really need to use the website for downloading and instructions. Once you have downloaded the tool, you do not need to return to the site unless you want to download it to another computer using your same unique user account. 

ICOT is aligned with the first version of the NETS T.  Will it be aligned with the refreshed version?

  • Yes – within the next year, ISTE plans on realigning the tool with the refreshed NETS T.  When the tool was under development, the refreshed NETS T was not yet available.

Do I need connectivity in the classroom I am observing in order to use the tool?

  • No – all you need to have is the tool downloaded onto whatever computer you are using for the observation.  You will need connectivity in order to upload the observation form to your online data base.

Can I use ICOT on a personal digital assistant or other handheld device?

  • No – at this time, ICOT cannot be used on handheld devices.

Steps for use:

  • Create an account
  • Go to the ICOT Homepage at www.iste.org/icot  and register to create a new account.  An automated e-mail will be sent to you confirming your registration as well as providing you with instructions on how to change your password.
  • Click on the “Downloads” tab on the left horizontal menu bar. You will need to install the application Adobe AIR.  When you initially download the tool, you will be directed through the steps for downloading both the application and tool.
  • Go to the Schools Tab and create the first school that you wish to conduct observations in.
  • Once you have entered a school into your account, you’re ready to begin.  There are two different ways to use the tool:
    • If you do not have access to a computer during the observation, you can print off a copy of the tool.  Use the “Observations” tab and go to print form.  Then, you can fill out the form and enter in the information once you have access to a computer.
    • For a new observation, Use the New selection under the Observations pull-down menu.  Select one of the schools from the dropdown menu. Fill in the additional information and you’re ready to begin.
      • Note – Once you submit your starting time, the 3-minute chart at the end of the form will auto fill for you!
  • Once an observation has been completed, you will need to be connected online in order to store your data on ISTE’s server.  You will be given the option of either editing the observation and uploading, or just uploading as the observation currently stands.
  • Once the observation has been uploaded to ISTE’s server, you can then edit the observation, create reports from it, or export the data into a spreadsheet.
  • Will it work for fitness websites?
    • No
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